WCJB TV: Gainesville restaurants donate to shooting victims


Gainesville restaurants donate to shooting victims

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – For the past week and a half, the entire country has come together to lend a hand to the victims of the parkland shooting.

Businesses in North Central Florida are helping too.

“I thought, how can I help out? How can I give back to my community even though I’m in Gainesville?” Gabrielle Noud, a Stoneman Douglas Alumna said.

She works at Hurricane BTW in midtown and asked the owner if she could set up a fundraiser.

“I was asking for twenty percent, you know something a little less. I wasn’t sure how to really phrase it but everyone here, all the managers here are awesome and the owners are awesome and they really want to give back too,” she said.

They decided to donate 100% of their dinner proceeds on Monday night to the Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund.

They aren’t the only restaurant giving back.

Texas Roadhouse has 40 locations donating all of their dinner sales to the Broward County Education Fund.

“We’re all about the community, we love the family friendly restaurant and we just want to give back to the community and show our support for such a tragic thing that’s happened in our state,” Logan Lusa, a Texas Roadhouse Marketer, said.

Over at the Swamp Restaurant across from the UF campus, staff are giving 100% of their tips and gratuity to the same education fund.

“I think awareness is everything and like addressing an issue and it shows that we do care and we’re there to help and we want to help,” Elizabeth Holloway, a server at Swamp said.

Noud says she’s proud of the Gator Nation for helping out her hometown
and while moving back to parkland after graduation may be difficult, she is praying a tragedy like this will never happen again.

“I think it will also empower me to keep going and to keep fighting for those 17 lost,” she said.

Swamp Restaurant’s fundraiser is Monday 11am-2am and Tuesday 11am-2am.